How To Make Office Holiday Parties Fun And Enjoyable For All

Bob Charney, September 5 2018

It’s true that office holiday parties can be a lot of fun and promote great working relationships. But it’s also true that employees often dread these events. Some employees drink too much. And occasionally there’s a little too much drama that discourages employees from attending and employers from ever doing it again. That’s why we’ve created this...

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Things To Look For When Selecting An Event Photographer!

Bob Charney, July 6 2018

It’s not hard to choose a photographer that will deliver a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, or corporate event photo album that will exceed your expectations.  Here’s a list of things to look for and consider when you’re interviewing prospective photographers. 1.   Evaluate Their Portfolio

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The Top 5 Reasons To Shop For & Hire Your Event Photographer At Least 6 Months in Advance!

Bob Charney, May 16 2018

1. Get Your First Choice The best photographers are in high demand. Especially in Southern California where many of the world’s best professional event photographers reside, serving communities like Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Palisades, Malibu and areas both North (the San Fernando Valley) and South (Orange County, ie., Cota de Coz...

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